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  • In order to achieve success with online marketing for your business, you need more than just some geeky kid in his parents' basement who spends five minutes each month checking your Google rankings. What you really need is a full-service online advertising agency featuring many skilled individuals, each possessing their own unique marketing talents. This team should be able to assist you with website optimization, local online advertising, white hat SEO, and many other essential services. Having this team on your side will give you valuable peace of mind knowing that dedicated professionals are working round the clock to improve your Google rankings and enhance your online profile.

    The 300 Group is made up of online marketing specialists who provide internet marketing services that help businesses improve their rankings on various search engines. Along with our ability to improve your search engine rankings, we also have a full support staff that is constantly standing by to answer your questions and resolve any concerns you may have about SEO marketing. We are constantly striving to provide the industry's best services at affordable prices. Working together, our team and your team will ensure you are receiving a constant stream of business success.

    Have you been dying to figure out how to improve your Google rankings and attract more business? The 300 Group is always looking for new ways to help you accomplish this and achieve all of your business goals through advertising online. Call us today and let us show you the simple solution for online advertising.





      What We Do

      The 300 Group specializes in Local, and Organic regional, national, and international SEO and SEM. We are able to consistently give your company the highest page placements at the lowest cost in the industry. The 300 Group also offers website design, media placement, and strategic planning services to provide solutions for your marketing challenges. New customers are the growth engine of any business and the 300 Group is committed to delivering more of those new customers to your business through our services.

      What You Get

      •Search phrases targeted to your individual city tag.
      •Choice to target your city and other cities in your vicinity.      
      •Listings of the most searched terms on GOOGLE that are related to your business.
      •You will typically see immediate and significant page rankings within the first 2-4 weeks. (Guaranteed within 60 days for Local search).
      •After 90 days, you will receive an additional 20 search phrases for your business at no additional charge.
      •The 300 Group's Local and Organic SEO performance sells itself without binding you to a contract!
      •We will give you a 100% full refund if we cannot position three out of the five key terms on the front page of Google Local Search.

      Local Search

      Local Search Engine Optimization

      Local Search Engine Optimization

      We embed your business, may you be large or small, where local online customers converge. Be listed and be found with the power of top placement in searches & directories for your local target market.

      The objective of our aggressive Local Search Engine Marketing campaigns provide you with Instant Visibility to Local Search Customers with submissions to over 62 Search Engines including Google, Yahoo & Bing

      Our Local Guarantee!!!

      The 300 Group guarantees that your company's profile will be listed on the front page of Google's local search under three of five terms selected by you in consultation with The 300 Group within 60 days in your city or zipcode. We will never bind you to a contract and services are paid for on a monthly basis.

      Organic Search

      Organic Search

      Organic Search Engine Optimization

      Organic Search Engine Optimization will give you a competitive online edge to target the markets at local, national and even international levels. The framework developed for superior results in Organic Search Engine Optimization requires very specific steps that have been streamlined to produce proven results. Our Full Service Optimization will ensure your website remains consistently relevant and fresh for each and every related Customer Search outcome.




    There are two ways to grow your business, sell more or spend less. We will help you do both!

    72% of consumers search the internet for products and services

    The fact is the internet has replaced the yellow pages as the primary source for 72% of all consumers in EVERY demographic to find the companies who provide the products and services they want and need. The 300 Group will keep your company positioned so that those consumers will find you more often than your competition, giving you the opportunity to gain dominant market share.


    We Keep You In The Know

    Watch your progress with Monthly  Analytical Statistics and Reports that show:

    •Each of your key terms rank on Google

    •Resulting traffic generation for the listings

    This will allow you to measure both the positive and negative trending listing developments to make informed decisions about your Local Campaign. None of our competitors provide monthly reports of this detail!


    Monthly Reports


    Why Local Search

    Direct connection to the consumer

    Why Organic Search

    It works and is cost effective

    One out of five Google searches is related to the user's city, zip code or suburb. These internet users have already identified themselves as your target market by searching for your specific keywords and phrases in their local search. With the phone book out and the Internet in; we make sure that being seen is easier than ever. When a user performs a local search, he or she is already looking for a local business. The local search result is the prime spot to grab a potential customer's focus. Being placed in the top of your local search results will position your business to attract maximum attention.

    Compared to traditional marketing methods, the Internet has significantly lower costs while reaching a vast audience. It costs the same to run a website whether 100 or 10,000 people visit it. By optimizing that website we are making it a very effective marketing tool to direct potential customers to your business.


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